9 Best Beard Balm for Black Men to Nourish Your Beard

Beard is often tough to handle, especially for a black man because it is coarse and also characterized by dryness as well as other problems like dandruff. Many black men face challenges related to grooming their facial hair for this reason. But you can solve this problem by using the right beard and skincare products.

There are different kinds of products for a beard like a beard trimmer, beard oil, beard comb, scissors, etc. There is another product called beard balm, which is a valuable product that can help to control coarse beard and make it manageable. For the betterment of your beard, we’ve listed the best beard balm for black men that will be helpful. Beard balms are cream-like conditioning products that can not only help the facial hair appear fine but can also nourish the whiskers and the skin below.

​Comparision Table of Our Top Picks


Product Name


Honest Amish Beard Balm

Viking Revolution Beard Balm
Honest Amish – Heavy Duty Beard Balm
Prophet and Tools Premium Beard Balm
All-Natural Beard Balm by Hair Thickness Maximizer
Heavy Duty Beard Balm and Beard Oil
Grave Before Shave Bay Rum Beard Balm
Cremo Styling Beard Balm
Mad Viking Premium Quality Beard Balm

Our Best Beard Balm Reviews According to The Experts Recommendadtion and Customers Satisfaction

Honest Amish Beard Balm – Best for Eliminating Beardruff

Honest Amish Beard Balm is a top high-quality brand that is popular because of its superb products. Most beard care products have chemicals, preservatives, fragrances, or colorings in them. But this Balm has all-natural ingredients that will soften, repair, condition, and nourish new beard hair growth. With its small entrance price, it makes it convenient for most guys to pick up and use their first-ever beard balm.

There are two key ingredients in this Balm: one is argan oil, and another is Kokum. Argan oil is proven to be beneficial for hair growth and protecting your hair. Kokum is a natural antibiotic that helps get rid of skin bacteria. It will soften your beard and provide a much firmer hold. The Balm is simple to deal with and mold in your hands before application and is even simpler to apply in your beard hair.

  • Can fix beard dandruff easily
  • soften your beard within days
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Handmade
  • Easy to apply
  • Conditions and eliminates itching
  • The scent is a bit polarizing

Viking Revolution Beard Balm – Ensures Quality & Money Worthy Pick

Viking Revolution Beard Balm is one of the best beard balms which can mold, restore, and shape your beard without having any problem. This Balm is so dedicated that it makes your beard the softest and sleekest it’s ever been.

It contains a Sandalwood scent, which makes a statement of class and importance. It can even control, straighten, and smooth the burliest of beards. It is 100% natural and contains both Argan and Jojoba oil that help you mold, restore, and shape your beard.

This Balm moisturizes your unruly long beard, and condition your facial hair while preventing beard itch and dandruff. By stimulating growth at the source, and repairing your facial hair at the follicle, this product leaves a light fragrance of sandalwood so your beard can appear and smell effortlessly fabulous.

  • Reduces itches, pimples, irritation & pimples
  • Beautiful scent
  • Nourishes hair follicles
  • All-natural Ingredients
  • No greasy Vaseline-like residue
  • Nice metal screw-top container
  • Only 2 ounces

Honest Amish – Heavy Duty Beard Balm – Works Great to Soften Beard

Honest Amish Beard Balm is one of the most reputable names in beard care, and their products are known to tame all types of coarse, thick beards. Honest Amish consists of the most excellent oil and organic butter formulated for outstanding beard care. The Balm softens your facial hair to make it easy to tame and control. 

This Balm is made by hand in America, and it contains only the most natural, nourishing ingredients for sleek, smooth, and stylish facial hair. It also includes a natural antibiotic called Kokum, which prevents the buildup of bacteria on the skin and decreases the likelihood of acne and pimples. The Balm is one of the finest fragrant beard balms on the market, with a light manly, and elegant fragrance that will impress your partner after the first use.

  • Consists of natural ingredients
  • Softens and conditions facial hair
  • Nice subtle scent
  • Handmade product in the USA
  • Moisture-rich using a blend of natural oil & butter
  • Smaller container

Prophet and Tools Premium Beard Balm – Our Experts Choice

The Prophet and Tools Premium Beard Balm are a two in one product (butter and wax) that has several benefits for the beard. The Balm consists of all-natural ingredients and promotes thicker growth of facial hair. Even if you have a white or gray beard, you don’t have to worry as it’s suitable for all beard colors.

best beard balm for black men

The Balm contains proteins and vitamins that help to create thicker hair strands and give a perfect look, especially to your patchy beards. It is super easy to use because it’s non-greasy and can quickly absorb in your beard. The butter contains beeswax, shea butter, and natural oils, which all together promote a healthy-looking beard. The wax helps to give it a mild hold that doesn’t interfere with shaping or styling. It also hydrates the beard and skin to prevent dry skin and beardruff. 

  • Suitable for all beard colors
  • Promotes thicker growth of hair
  • Reduces dryness and itchiness
  • Keeps beard nice and soft
  • Nourishes hair follicles
  • Little perfumy

All-Natural Beard Balm is one of the best natural ingredients your beard deserves. The Balm combines a growth treatment with a leave-in condition and boosts your hair health and thickness.

It is perfect for your beard styling, thickening, grooming because it contains several natural products like beeswax, coconut oil, organic argan oil, apricot kernel oil, organic tea tree essential oil, etc. The tea tree oil is incredibly effective because it helps to stimulate circulation and promote hair growth.

The Balm not only cuts down on beard itch and dandruff but also boosts circulation and promotes thicker, faster, hair growth. The beeswax helps to tame your beard and makes the styling and grooming more comfortable. It can assist in the preservation and strengthening of existing hair and follicles. It has an overwhelming subtle scent which is good enough for a gentle smell.

  • Helps to tame beard
  • Makes beard look and feel thicker
  • Reduces itchiness and dryness
  • Improves circulation
  • Promotes hair growth and strengthens hair follicles
  • Tea tree oil may cause adverse skin reactions in some people
  • A little smaller in size

Heavy Duty Beard Balm and Beard Oil – Great for Sensitive Skin

If you want a perfect combo for your healthy beard, then Heavy Duty Beard Balm and Beard Oil is one of the best choices for you. It has all the basics to keep your beard healthy and looking good.

The Balm acts as a first aid kit for sick beards. It can easily tame and condition your bushy beard. It has a higher beard butter percentage than average balms and also a blend of butter too.

The Balm can soften and shine your beard without feeling greasy. It is designed to hydrate beard hair because the butter is backed up by an excellent spread of essential and natural oils. If your beard is feeling a little dry and has dandruff, then this Balm could provide the splash of deep hydration and moisturizer that it is crying out for. It also contains beard oil. You can use both of them at the same time.

  • Tames and conditions your beard
  • Softens and shines your beard
  • Handcrafted product
  • Great for flaky beard
  • Smells great and not too strong
  • Weak hold for styling

Grave Before Shave Bay Rum Beard Balm – Take This Balm and You’ll Be Kissed

Grave Before Shave Bay Rum Beard Balm can genuinely help you out for deep beard conditioning. It contains only safe and natural ingredients to protect your beard and skin.

Though the price of the Balm is similar to other beard balms, the quality of the product more than makes up for it. The Balm contains shea butter, coconut oil, jojoba oil, beeswax, sweet almond oil, pure apricot oil, and a healthy dose of vitamin E.

It also contains aloe vera, which is helpful against hair loss, dandruff, and oily skin. You’ll be enchanted by its pleasant smell as it features a pleasant vanilla and cigar aroma. The Balm is suitable for all types of beards and offers deep protection.  It comes in two sizes – 4-ounces and 2-ounces, with the 4 oz being a great deal.

  • offers a healthy and shiny aspect
  • Handcrafted product
  • Reduces itchiness and dryness
  • Easy application pleases all men
  • Softens even the rough beards
  • The scent might not satisfy all men

If you want a beard balm that is suitable for any length of hair, then you can go for Grave Before Shave Bay Rum Beard Balm.

The Balm is a moisturizing styling agent meant for coarser, fuller, and longer beard types. Though it may start out a bit greasier when the Balm is applied to your facial hair, it will smoothly absorb and provide fantastic conditioning to your beard. It contains many essential oils and shea butter.

The Balm works through beards of all lengths with higher moisture content. It is also suitable for shorter beards because it can be easily applied without clumping. The Balm also contains spearmint oil that gives off a fresh minty smell. Shea butter is a natural beard softener that can quickly stimulate beard growth and ensures your beard is groomed correctly.

  • Moisturizes and conditions your beard
  • Great Value for Money
  • Excellent range of nourishing oils
  • Effective on a variety of beard lengths
  • All-natural ingredients that promote healthy beard growth
  • Doesn’t have holding power

Mad Viking Premium Quality Beard Balm – Best Paraben Free Beard Balm

Mad Viking Premium Quality Beard Balm is one of the well-known brands and a medium hold beard balm. It is suitable for tame flyaways. The Balm helps to turn down flyaways and makes your beard look super-hot. It offers a variety of custom scents to satisfy every Viking’s taste.

It can mold, restore, and shape your beard for the desired look and give you a perfect identity. The Balm contains all nutrient-rich base oil and butter such as pumpkin seed oil, grapeseed oil, apricot kernel oil, organic jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, vitamin E oil, cocoa butter, shea butter virgin unrefined, beeswax, etc. It smells like lime and bay rum which is perfect for the person who enjoys a sensation of light fragrance.

  • All-natural and organic ingredients
  • Offers a variety of custom scents
  • Promotes healthy growth leaving your beard softer and fuller
  • Does not gives a greasy feel at all
  • Fragrance lasts longer than the usual products
  • Nothing found

Things to Look for The Best Beard Balm for Black Men

Before Buying a beard balm, you should consider a few things.  Choose a product with all-natural ingredients if you want to get the best beard balm. All-natural ingredients are suitable for any skin since they do not irritate. There are five main factors that men consider significant while purchasing a beard balm:

Conditioning Properties / Ingredients

A quality beard balm is based on a few main ingredients like carrier oils, essential oils, butter, beeswax. Each of the ingredients plays a vital role in maintaining a healthy approach to appropriate beard grooming and care.

Facial Hair Type

Choose a beard balm that will suit your particular facial hair type because a beard balm that may work for one person may not probably work for another person. If you have a short or thin beard, a beard balm with lighter holding properties is best suited for you. But if you have a long or curly beard and are difficult to manage, then a beard balm with a higher holding strength will likely be much better for you.

Holding Strength

You will notice that there are different types of holding strength marks on beard balm while looking for a beard balm: Light, Medium, Strong. If you notice that your facial hair might become a little unruly, you can use a medium to heavy beard balm to hold your beard in place during the day. But if you can easily manage your beard, then you can go for a light one.

Beard Growth & Vitamins

 There are some beard balms in the market which have growth ingredients and vitamins. If you want to have a thicker and fuller beard, you may find some beard balms on the market that offers ‘Grotein’ and other vitamins that support richer and fuller beard growth.


Beard balms come in many different varieties based on different rates. You may choose one that is in your budget and perfect for your beard.

Difference Between Beard Balm and Beard Oil

Beard Oil is a mild moisturizer based on oil that can be applied quickly and comfortably to the whole beard. There are hundreds of beard oil if you search them on the internet. Beard oil is a grooming accessory for modern beard men. It is hugely popular because this product is typically recommended for all beards.

Beard balm consists of almost the same kinds of oils that are found in beard oil. Beard balm is usually perfect for medium to large-sized beards. Experts also recommend it if your skin is dryer than most. Where beard balm comes in texture to pomade or solid cologne, beard oil is closer in a bottle of liquid.

In reality, the Balm lasts longer on your beard and skin than the oil does until it absorbs, offering you more nourishing and longer-lasting moisture. Beard Oil is perfect for maintaining the skin under your beard and beard healthy, but the beard balm was formulated to be used as a skin moisturizer.

Importance of Using Beard Balm for Black Men

Beard balm gives a good shape and helps in styling your beard. Curly or coarse beard is often challenging to stylize in its dry condition, so beard balm allows significantly to overcome this problem. To avoid irritation because of a dry beard, you can use a beard balm to tame it. Beard balm also helps to moisturize your facial hair to prevent split ends and tangles.

Beard balm can protect your beard from the harsh effects of winter and cold air, humidity, excessive sun exposure, etc. Some beard balm can magically make your beard thick and full because they contain high amounts of beeswax and tropical hard fats, which may add a bit of volume and weight to your beard hairs.

Additionally, if you have dreads that are also fashionable like a beard, you should also use proper kits for dreads to keep them vibrant and strong.

How to Use Beard Balm 

Beard balm is simple to use, and there are no strict rules for how to use it. However, experts suggested applying beard balm in the morning after taking your shower. Before applying the Balm, you should make sure that your hair is dry so that it can be absorbed easily. You can also use the beard balm at night before going to bed so that conditions and moisturizes your beard even while you are sleeping.  

Though beard balm is thicker than beard oil, these two products can work perfectly well together. To apply beard balm, you just need to simply add a few drops to your fingers and massage it across your facial hair.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Comb Black Beard Man?

Ans: You should choose a reliable comb designed explicitly for beards. You should comb your beard in a specific direction in which direction you want to grow it. If you are brushing your beard in the right way, you won’t have to worry about it getting damaged. You can start combing your beard from the bottom and coming upwards and outward. This process should begin at the neck and move towards the cheeks and chin. There’s a chance that you’re going to run into some snags in your beard while combing it. You shouldn’t tug or pull the obstacles, instead, gently come through the obstacle.

How do Black Men Take Care of Beards?

Ans: You should take care of your skin beneath your beard by applying beard oil or beard balm, which provides a moisturizer. It is necessary to use the right product for your beard and avoid harsh ingredients products that are harmful to your beard. Try to use 100% natural products.  You need to follow a healthy diet and exercise regularly. You should not stress yourself while growing a beard. You must be patient and give time to your beard to grow.

How to Grow Black Beard Naturally?

Ans: Though genetic profile is the most crucial factor in how fast your beard will grow, there are things you can do to grow a black beard naturally. First of all, you should be patient and let your facial hair grow. Wash your face regularly with a cleanser to unblock hair follicles and massage your face daily to stimulate the follicles. You can use beard balm or beard oil to moisturize your facial hair. You also need to follow a healthy diet and exercise regularly.

Final Words

Though most people shrug off beard balm as just another beard product, it is an essential tool for offering some insanely valuable benefits.  A beard balm not only moisturizes the beard but also prevents flaking. You should apply beard balm as needed and comb through your beard, making sure to detangle it at least once a day. You can also develop a daily routine, that promotes health in your black beard or black hair. 

So, to have a shiny and perfect beard, we’ve reviewed the best beard balm for black men that will assist you in making a precise decision. Good Luck.