7 Best Razor for Bald Head Reviews – Shave Like a Pro

Are you worried that your hair is getting thinner and falling out day by day? That’s maybe, you have never got time to maintain your hair due to office works. Now, you are taking a drastic step that may change your look.

Are you thinking about shaving your head? Am I right? If I am right, you are now definitely searching for the best razor for balding that will properly shave your head. It may be a tough job to choose the right razor because there are many types of products available in the market. Don’t worry!

After a lot of research, I found some features that will help to find the best razor for bald heads. I hope, you will stay at the end of the article to know all the necessary things to buy the best razor. So, keep reading!

​Comparison Table

 7 Best Razor for Bald Head (Reviews & Buying Guide)

1. VIKINGS BLADE Double Edge Safety Razor

Why Buy It

If you want to do wet shaving for the first time, Vikings Blade Chieftain is definitely for you. It is a great razor for beginners to learn how to shave their head with proper technique. This razor definitely will give you an incredible and smooth shave without any skin irritation. 

Vikings Blade is one of the renowned companies that makes many different types of safety razors. But their most popular and well-designed safety razor is Chieftain. However, it’s not only a design that makes a well-reviewed razor on the market.

It also requires many high-quality materials to manufacture. The razor also has been made with a combination of bronze and brass alloy with extra coated chrome to ensure durability and lasts longer as well. The main feature of this razor is the “micro-comb” which makes the razor medium aggressive but not overly aggressive. Vikings Blade described the aggression of this blade as around 5.0 to 5.5 out of 10 on the skin.

Because of the micro-comb feature, the blades and the skin indirectly work on your skin which is less chance to cut your skin. No worries, if your head skin is a bit rough, it will also protect your skin from being itched.


  • Durable and long lasts
  • Protect skin against any accidental cuts.
  • Provide a comfortable and smooth shave
  • Medium aggressive
  • Budget-friendly


  • Comparatively expensive

2. MERKUR Classic Double Edge Safety Razor

Why Buy It

If you are comfortable with using longer handle razor for your head shave, then Merkur’s classic 33c razor could be the best for you. If your mind is diverted somehow while head shaving, there is a possibility of slipping out the razor of your hand. As a result, your skin may be cut off or maybe feel irritation. But Merkur 33c razor has no chance of such risk because it offers an excellent balance point at the top of the knurling on the handle.

Though it may not be as well designed or durable compared to the other brands, this classic brand is popular for its lightweight design on the market. Most people usually prefer heavier razor because it is very easy to use with proper technique. But this razor has a good weight distribution and balance point at the top of the handle that you won’t face any problems while shaving.

Merkur’s classic 33c razor is chrome finished, double-edged safety razor. The chrome finish provides durable and corrosion-free razor blades. It also gives the user a medium aggressive probably 5/10 on the aggressive scale. 

I find nothing on the design that would make the razor blade overly aggressive if you are using it with proper technique. After all, it’s a closed comb safety razor that already has a fixed blade gap.

In the end, I think the aggressiveness of the blade depends on how you are going to use it. If you are going to shave for balding your head, then I will recommend it for you. If you have thick hair on your scalp, this is probably not going to be a favorable blade. 


  • It provides a medium aggressive shave
  • More extended handle provides a good balance point
  • Lighter safety razor
  • Optimal for beginners.
  • Inexpensive double-edge razor


  • Not suitable for those who want over the aggressive blade.
  • It can be difficult to change the blades.

3. Braun Electric Razor for Men

Why Buy It

I have used Braun 5 series electric shaver for many years- it’s maybe 2 or 2.5 years ago. Now I have chosen their seven series specifically 790cc because I don’t have to wait for the shaver to be charged. I just simply plug it while shaving. Most importantly, it will suit every skin type and give you a messaging or soothing shaving experience. If you want an electric razor that can still use when it is plugged in, this razor is definitely for you.

The Braun series 7- 799c is one of their topmost edition on the market. This series offers three different modes, extra sensitive, regular, intensive. If your head skin is very extra sensitive in the winter season, you can change the mode based on the skin type. 

With advanced technology, this shaver comes with an advanced feature so that you can get an incredibly close shave without having spent so much time because this shaver comes with a powerful rechargeable battery that will need only 5 minutes to be charged for one shave.


  • A very close shave without any itchy
  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • Waterproof razor
  • Versatile razor


  • Not for Wet and dry shave

4.Panasonic Electric Shaver 

Why Buy It

As compared to the other electric shavers available in the market, the result of Panasonic Electric shaver is highly impressive according to user experience. This is one of the best electric razors for shaving head bald. It gives you an extremely close shave in a single stroke that will cut the maximum hair even in most cases you don’t require to rerun the shaver on any part of the head skin.

Panasonic ES8103S Arc3 has three blades shaving system which allows cutting your hair at a 30-degree angle to ensure quick and smooth cutting. These three blades are wrapped with a foil head so that you can easily catch any short hair. 

One of the best features of this electric shaver is Pop-up Trimmer. If you don’t like to shave your entire head regularly, you can easily trim sideburns hair once a week.

Panasonic ES8103S Arc3 is a cordless device that can be fully charged within 45 minutes. If you have any emergency, there is an option of a quick charge feature that allows only for a single stroke shave. For cleaning purposes, activate the Turbo Cleaning Mode, it will remove all the hairs inside the blades with 17,000 RP. 


  • Wet and dry shave
  • Foil head
  • User and travel friendly
  • Quick and smooth shave
  • Comes with a cleaning tool
  • Pop-up trimmer designed for cutting sideburns hair.


  • Can’t use while charging


5.Parker 96R Double Edge Razor Blades

Why buy it

Do you hate changing razor blades over and over again? Don’t worry! You might be surprised to know that Parker has created a classic twist to open a butterfly razor. It allows you to open up the butterfly door on the head when a new blade is added and shut the door while shaving.

Parker 96R is a lightweight razor especially for head shaving, which will ensure that anyone can bear the pressure while using it on the scalp. The handle length of this razor is 4inches. I think this is a perfect length for many users in most cases. If you are a beginner at head shaving, it will give the user a perfect grip that doesn’t slip even not for wet shaving.

Actually, twist to open razor seems to be over-aggressive to me. Though Parker 96R is still medium expressive, I will rate it 7 out of 10 on the aggressiveness scale. Anyone can always reduce aggressiveness by using lighter blades. But still, I won’t recommend this razor to anyone who has just started wet shaving.


  • It is very aggressive
  • Extremely durable
  • Lightweight handle with fantastic grip
  • Easy to replace blades


  • Extreme aggressive for beginners.
  • There is no knob at the end of the handle.

6.Gillette Mach3 Men’s Disposable Razor

Why Buy It

Gillette Mach3 is one of the earliest classic razors that was invented 10 years ago. Yet, they have managed to retain their reputation and also promise the same quality. If any man looking for a simple straightforward razor for head shaving I think it is an ideal choice.

Gillette Mach3 is an extremely durable and sharp triple-blade razor. Blades coated with special DLC (diamond-like coating) make a strong and sharp blade. This 3 blade technology offers a comfortable and clean shave without feeling any redness on the skin. This razor has a pivotal head that helps you to make a perfect angle for a comfortable shave. It has also a feature that is called lubrastrip. This feature helps to protect your skin from any redness. With an advanced feature, a skin guard protects your skin from any stretch.


  • Three blades provide an excellent shave
  • Long-lasting and durable
  • Easy to use on a regular basis
  • This razor has a pivotal head to make a perfect angle.
  • Lubrastip feature protect skin from irritation


  • Not cost-effective
  • Blades become dull after a few shaves.

7. ATX Men’s Head Shaving Basics Bundle with 5oz HeadSlick Cream, Razor, Blade Refills

Why Buy It

Looking for a clean shave, but you don’t want to go with an electric shaver for your head shaving? Then the ATX Men’s Head Shaving Starter Kit is a perfect gift for any head shaver that you shouldn’t overlook. It will provide shaving creams and oils, lotions, and headgear into a single package.

The most impressive feature of this razor in it’s well designed. This shaving kit contains 4 blades and one bottle of shaving cream. Anyone can use this shaving cream for at least 2 months. The blade’s design is very unique in that the user has less chance of having any skin cuts, nicks, and irritation.

In addition, this, it has also a front wheel. The importance of the front wheel is that you will angle the blades of the razor around the head to achieve a clean and smooth shave.


  • Dual razor
  • Durable blades
  • Easy to change the blade
  • It works best who love to contour their scalp


  • You need to know how to operate the functions of the razor

How to Choose The Right Razor for Bald Head

Ask any men who have done head shaving for the first time. They will tell you that full head shaving isn’t as easy as you might think for the first time. An even more difficult task is to choose the right razor for your head shave. Because there are thousands of razor brands available on the market. 

Marketers always try to present their product as one of the best razors that you won’t find anywhere. Even they try to manipulate your mind by showing a lot of advertisements. That maybe create confusion while you are looking for the right razor. But before choosing the right razor, you need to have some knowledge about the head razor that only fits your skin type and your lifestyle.

There are many factors that you should consider before choosing the right razor for your head shave. I hope, these following factors will help you to make the right choice. 

Materials of the razor for head shaving

Before choosing the right razor you must be careful about the material because there are different types of razors available on the market. You will find many brands that always supply high-quality materials. Even higher quality razors can save your money because of long-lasting. Some razors might make your scalp dull and rough of their low-quality materials.

Consider a suggestion, if you are a beginner for head shaving you can choose the chrome-finished double edge safety razor. These types of razors give you the best results and provide a clean shave.

Length of the Handle

If you are going to choose the best razor, you must consider the length of the razor. Some people feel comfortable using a long handle and some prefer a short handle. A razor should be within 3 to 4 inches long. It depends on you which technique you are mostly followed for head shaving. But sometimes the length of the handle matters to shave the head.

As an example, MERKUR Classic 3-Piece Razor is one of the best razors with a longer handle. The length should be enough to control the razor in your hand. The best part of using a longer handle shaver is that you can make a perfect angle to access the back hair of your head. 

Most people think a shorter razor is easier to control compared to the longer razor but you may face some difficulties accessing the back part hair of your head. On the other hand, shorter handle razors are easy to control, and less chance of slipping out into your hand.

Quality of the Blades

The quality of the blade should be given first priority over everything.

Because all the electric razor doesn’t provide the excellent quality of the blades. Thus you feel discomfort and complexity while shaving your head. If your scalp is sensitive, you should be more selective when it comes to choosing the right razor.  

Furthermore, many razor blades give you the best result for shaving your head. You will find multi-blade razors that can be a good choice for all types of skin tones. These types of razors are mostly good to use regularly. 

Before buying a razor, you must check what type of material contains in this particular razor. I think a chrome finished look and stainless steel blades are very solid and durable.

The grip of the razor

I have seen many people only judge a razor by the weight of the handle. But the grip is more important than the weight when you are choosing the best razor. The effective grip lets you hold the razor perfectly. It reduces the chance of slipping out the razor from your hand. Also, good grip razors will eliminate the chance of cuts, nicks, and burns.

An effective grip is a combination of the weight of the razor and the length of the handle. You will find many razors that have a good balance point between weight and the handle of the razor. This type of razor is easy to handle because of its comfortable and effective grip.

Razor aggressiveness

I think the aggressiveness mainly depends on what types of blades you are using and how you are performing with your blade. So you can’t measure the aggressive level of the blade before buying. But there are many brands companies that mention the aggressive level on the package. 

There are many different levels of safety razor aggressiveness like normal, medium, and extreme. It may affect your skin in which type of safety razor you purchase. I will give an example for a better understanding.

For a beginner in wet shaving, anyone should start with a medium aggressive safety razor which aggressive level is 5/10 on the aggressiveness scale. An overly aggressive razor may cut your skin quickly with a few strokes compared to the medium aggressive. 

The rate of the overly aggressive level is 8/10 on the aggressiveness scale. I won’t recommend extremely aggressive safety razors for whoever has sensitive skin. So, you should check the packaging instructions before choosing the right head shaver for you.

Corded and Cordless electric razor

It is one of the important factors that you must consider before choosing the right razor. Many men don’t like to use the corded model razor to shave the head. Because the power needs to be connected while shaving. To get rid of this problem they want to buy a cordless head shave that provides freedom and a comfortable shave. 

Many electric shaver brands provide a cordless razor with a powerful rechargeable battery. A cordless razor is the best option for travelers without any hindrance. 

Price of the razor

Not everyone can afford the expensive razor as a result of financial capacity. You should buy a razor that you can afford but also a good quality razor. It doesn’t matter what’s the price of the razor. Many popular brands in the market may lack many important features. So, you must analyze the feature of the razor. 

So, you must check all the factors before getting the best quality electric shave for your skin. I hope, you will find the right razor that will give the best results.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can I shave My head with an electric razor?

Yes, I can. I think whoever done shaving head with an electric, it is not as easy as it seems. Am I right? Using normal or cheap straight razors for shaving your head may damage your scalp. So you need to be very careful before choosing an electric razor.

2. How to keep My head bald longer?

I usually use a cream or spray, which slows down the hair growth cycle compared to natural hair growth. This cream contains sulfur as the main ingredient. This ingredient interrupts natural hair growth. You can also use wax beans on a regular basis to keep your head bald.

3. How to get a shiny bald head?

I always try to keep my scalp protected from the sun. Especially on summer days, I still apply sunscreen to my scalp that protects my scalp from UV light. After that, I use a glossy moisturizer like aloe Vera and add one drop of essential oil that undoubtedly gives a shiny look. This is what I do.

Final Verdict

Considering the quality razor blades and excellent grip, buying the right razor depends on how you handle it correctly. Choosing the most durable razor that not only saves time but also spares you from any nicks, cuts, or any skin irritation while shaving. Even you will achieve the best results.

Remember, choosing the best quality razor is very important, especially for proper maintenance and grooming a bald head. Here, I discussed some of the well-designed and well-reviewed head shavers that will ensure high-quality materials.

I also discussed some of the factors that might help you to make the right electric razor for shaving the head. I hope you will follow these factors and make the right choice. If you try these different types of razors, share your experience in the comment section.