13 Best Foot Massager for Diabetics – Explore Your Choice

The foot massager is indeed a valuable thing. But in today’s era, we all look for the highest benefit from each of our products. According to this perception, a patient having diabetes also may think about such a foot massager, which is beneficial for them in both ways. Our editors have listed the best foot massager for diabetics for their preference.

There are various types of foot massagers available in the market. Some are similar to balls, some look like rollers, and some have the original product-wise looks. So, as you all know the line, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.”

We are here to expose each of them for your betterment. We will talk about the benefits of the foot massager for diabetes, safety regarding using foot massagers, factors to consider before buying a foot massage, how does a foot massager helps your foot, or is safe to use during pregnancy or not.

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Are Foot Massagers Safe for People with Diabetes?

You will know the benefits of using a foot massager later in the article. Yes, foot massagers are safe for people having diabetes. For safety, you should use socks or shoes that cover your feet while using the massager. There are some cases where many foot massagers have a terrible reputation for burning the user’s feet. The heat function is a vital thing that you should have authority over it.

Before using any foot massager, you should consult with your doctor. They know better. They will be able to help you provide the idea of using it. If your feet or legs are too weak, then definitely it is a burning question whether you should use it or not. We have seen many cases where the customers remained unsatisfied with the features of many foot massagers. They do hurry to return them and go for the new one. So it is better to choose the right foot massager; otherwise, in the end, you will find yourself as the only sufferer.

13 best foot and leg massager for diabetic neuropathy

MedMassager MMF06 11 Speed Foot Massager – Most Powerful Electric Massager

When you have 11 speeds, what else will you need? Yes, as you already know that it has 11 gears, which provide maximum comfort. The speed setting starts from 1000 – 3,700 rpm.

It is the most influential electric massager you may find in the USA without a license. It is designed for clinical use. Besides clinical use, it can be used for therapeutic as well. You can get the experience of the ultimate massager by using it. If you use your feet for a long time and have severe leg and foot pain, you can go for this one.

This Med massager foot massager is often used to treat patients with severe circulation problems. Doctors and therapists around the world use it to give the needed treatments to their patients. It eases muscle tension as well as alleviates joint pain and swelling.

You will be glad to know that this Med massager foot massager is CSA certified for safety. The FDA approves it for therapeutic use. On the manufacturer’s website, the lifetime replacement is also available.

When you compare this massager with its similar ones, you will clearly understand the differences. The unit requires 110-120 volts to operate. Though it does not have any heat option, we do not think that it will bother you at all, as its primary purpose is to improve blood circulation.


  • Highly recommended
  • 11-speed settings
  • Worth the money
  • Well made
  • Improve blood circulation
  • Lifetime replacement
  • Best for home therapy
  • Clinically used by doctors and therapists around the world


  • Noisy
  • No heat option

TheraFlow Dual Foot Massager Roller – Best Budget Buy

The theraflow dual foot massager is a combination of traditional wood craftsmanship and the wisdom of ancient foot reflexology principles. It is very much effective in soothing your tired feet and also relieves the symptoms of different foot infirmities. It allows you to relax in any place. At home or work, you can use it anywhere.

It can be considered as a perfect gift for your nearest ones. As it is wireless, you can use it indoors or even outdoor. It melts the aches and stresses away quickly while gliding feet in the theraflow.

The massager will let you find relief from many problems like plantar fasciitis, neuropathy, heel spurs, or sore feet after a long hard day of work. It has in total of 10 independently moving rollers. They can quickly ease your pain.

Before buying this, you will be glad to know that it also provides a replacement and refund guarantee, which may become a reason to buy this massager without any hesitation. This can also release your knee pain by more prolonged use.


  • Easy to use
  • Dual foot massaging option
  • Works for knee pain as well
  • Perfect gift
  • Durability
  • 10 independently moving rollers
  • Wireless


  • Small

Vive Double Lacrosse Ball Massage – Best for Self Massage

Dual massage balls can increase circulation in targeted areas. Then it focuses on reducing inflammation, soreness, and pain. You can use it on any muscle group.

The dual massage lacrosse balls are 2.5 inches in diameter. As we would like to mention that, this is a perfect size for an effective and concentrated massage. They are great for trigger point therapy. Besides, they can also provide myofascial release, loosening knots, etc. You will also be benefitted from deep tissue massage.

As we are talking about the lacrosse balls, we would like to remind you that these balls are highly portable, and that will help you to bring them to the gym or office by keeping them in a nylon gear bag. However, as it provides you with the chances of using it in both home and outside the home, it should be on your wish list.

Different fitness programs like yoga, Crossfit, etc. can be run without any tension or pain and so many other kinds of stuff because of this beautiful massager. It provides a 60 days’ guarantee, which is enough for someone to decide to buy this product with a lot of confidence.


  • Trigger point therapy
  • Easy to use
  • Value for money
  • Powerful
  • Highly recommended
  • Picture perfect
  • Good for pressure
  • Dual massage balls
  • Can be used outside the home
  • Great for pre and post-workout
  • Lightweight


  • Too hard

Cloud Massage Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine – Best Value for Money

There are so many reasons why you can put cloud massage massager on top of the other similar products. Let’s talk about them for a while. What about having an easily adjustable comfort bar in it? It will allow you to sit in a natural position in the moment of massaging your foot, calves, leg, toes, or ankle.

There are multiple settings, including rolling ball massagers, the massage of air compression, and heat stimulating blood flow and increasing circulation. The main focus of cloud massage is its quality. To confirm the excellent massage each time, it comes complete with step-by-step instructions.

Well, if you have a susceptible foot, you should consider testing the pressure of the massage in your arms first. You can get rid of stress, and you can quickly get the relaxation by massaging the bottom of your feet. It works great in the pressure points of your feet, and thus you can get rid of tightness as well as soothe your tired feet.

You need to lay the machine flat if you need stronger ankle and calf massages. We highly recommend not to use the adjustment bar as a handle. To ensure the correct placement, you need to fit your feet in the heel pouch at the bottom. It is quite intense, and it needs 2 to 3 hours to get adjusted. It is warm enough to be comfortable. The heat that it provides is a lovely warm, gentle heat that will bring relaxation quickly.



Therapist’s Choice – Best Affordable

This massager is quite different from the others. As you can see, just two different colored balls do the trick. You need to roll them under your feet. They help a lot after standing the whole day and having severe pain in your feet. They don’t have any smell. You need to use them with a better understanding of whether you need to use the softer one or, the harder one. It can erase the pain of any of your body parts where you can keep them and roll for a while. They are straightforward to use. It relieves the soreness of your muscles with a prompt message. You can consider them as self-massage tools.

You can use them for hip areas and get a great result. The red one is harder, and the green one is softer. It is as well as an excellent tool for plantar fasciitis.


  • Two different spiky balls
  • Easy to use
  • Durability
  • Lightweight


  • No flexibility
  • Bad finishing
  • Not helpful for everyone

The FootMate System Foot Massager & Scrubber – Best for Dual Use

Guess what! A foot massager not only massages your feet but also cleans your feet, is a unique invention of all the invented foot massagers which works great for a patient with diabetes as well.

It massages and cleans the often neglected areas of your toes. It works better than so many shower brushes, loofas for soothing, renewing, and softening your feet. The provided soft inner bristles gently massage many tender areas of your feet. Suction cups help to keep the foot mate in place while using it.

If you are an office worker, it may be a way of getting relieved from many different pains that may come because of experiencing the hot or tiring day, and that causes burning or aching your feet. It is easy to use, and it works in such a way that you get relieved from these unsettled pains.

As we have mentioned earlier, it is a vital tool for patients with diabetes. Now let us know why it is. As we all know, proper foot care is crucial to stay healthy for any diabetes patient. By using the footnote regularly, your circulation problem can be turned into dust in a short amount of time. We are likely to share with you that The ADA estimates that one in five diabetes patients seek hospital care to do so for foot-related problems.


  • Existence of suction cups
  • Easy to use
  • Works like a charm
  • Great for cracked or dry feet


  • The provided soap is useless in many purposes

Foot Log Dual Foot Massager Roller – Best for Dual Use

If you first look at the cover of the product, you will get to know its worth and main purpose. It is written in the shelter, “When your feet hurt, you hurt all over.” So ultimately, this product is made with a clear intention of reducing your foot pain.

They provide a foot pain manual where you will find all the instructions that will help you to make the best use of it. It is helpful for everyone, including athletes, diabetics, dancers, pregnant, etc. It is quite portable and portable enough to use anywhere.

It saves you from a tired and achy foot. It helps in releasing the pressure in your aching feet. It is scientifically designed and already being used by many users worldwide. This foot massager helps to relax the nerves and provides relaxation.


  • A part of physical therapy
  • Pain relief
  • Easy to use
  • Giftable
  • Durable
  • A weapon against plantar fasciitis
  • An excellent tool for tired, achy feet


  • Tough to get a massage on exact targeted areas

SAMYO Palm Shaped Massage Glove Body Massager – Best for Rolling Massage

This massager appears with metal balls that rotate 360 degrees, and it can easily massage your whole body. It has two buckles that are adjustable and fit in any hand. Its size is tiny so that you can carry it anywhere with you and use it as well.

You can roll your face, head, chest, back, shoulder, leg, etc. with it. It removes your fatigue, and the appearance of cellulite gets reduced while improving circulation.

There is a possibility that your body hair gets tangled up in the rollerballs. So it is better to wear clothes before using them. To prevent rust, you can put it in a dry place or even in a ventilated area. It works excellent in pain and stress relief. It is palm-shaped and suitable for any location of your body. It is only 270g in weight, so there will be no difficulty in carrying it.

However, for your extra caution, we would like to remind you that you should not use any lotion or oil with the glove. It does not vibrate. So those who have a problem regarding vibration can think about this product. Besides, it does a great job of breaking up the scar tissue. The balls it has are icy so, that adds more comfort for you.


  • Cold balls
  • Easy to use
  • Value for money
  • Giftable
  • Perfect for the hospital bag
  • Plain and simple


  • Weird smells of plastic

QUINEAR Shiatsu Foot Massager – Best for Deep Massager

As you can see, the product features, the Quinear foot massager has 44 massage nodes. What else do you need in a foot massager? Besides, it has two kneading speeds, two auto modes, two heat levels, 6 massage kneading intensities. You can experience the kneading and rolling massage from toes to heels. You will get 6 massage levels starting from light to deep. You will be tired of explaining its outstanding features, too many.

It is designed in such a way that it fits in most people’s feet. It has a 20 minutes auto shut-off function, which ensures your safety. It is not impossible to restart, though. But how about asking you whether you need more or not? Just a bunch of extra care that this deep massager provides.

The inner cover of this massager is removable and washable. So it ensures a clean and healthy environment. Of course, you may feel the necessity of cleaning it when someone else will use it.

You can use it while watching your favorite programs on the TV or even while working at your office. It relieves sore feet and stresses circulation, as well. This Guinea massager is a perfect gift for your family and friends. Who knows, they may hug you immediately right after knowing it’s worth it.

Lastly, we want to share some more vital information regarding this product, and that is, there is an emergency Drflate button in your foot massager. You can press the button whenever you feel the necessity. They will provide you with a 24-month warranty. You can take this on air pressure only as well because this product has a setting for air pressure only. You will be delighted as it gets warm enough to provide relaxation for you.


  • Remote control
  • Pain relief
  • Easy to use
  • Giftable
  • Comfort
  • Value for money
  • Feels good
  • Highly recommended
  • Air pressure


  • We haven’t found any cons yet

Foot Health Machine – Experts Choice

The massager is preferably used as a foot health machine. It is effortless to use. You need to find a comfortable seat to enjoy. After baring feet to the unit, turn on the device in three ways, by using your finger or toe. You can also use remote control.

It is FDA cleared and adopts triple medic technologies, including EMS (Electrical Muscles stimulation), EPT (Electronic Pulse Therapy), TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve stimulator). It is proven for its safety and effectiveness.

There are lots of benefits of using this machine. It improves blood circulation in your feet and legs. It also relieves pain and aching to not only your foot but also your whole body. Apart from these, it also reduces your leg muscle weakness. It has an indirect effect on many of your leg problems, including Neuropathy, FSR, and Cramps, etc.

This machine has two systems, and they are foot stimulator and tens body massager. Tens body massager has 4 gel pads that you can use to relax the parts of your body, including your feet, ankle, calf, hips, legs, back, waist, shoulder, etcetera. You can use both systems together or separately.

It has come up with the most upgraded version, where there are so many unique features. They will provide you with a 30 days’ trial including two years warranty. So that may increase the confidence to buy this product. 


  • Remote control
  • Easy to use
  • Pain relief
  • LCD 


  • Poor circulation to some extent

Miko Shiatsu Foot Massager – Best Value for Money

Shiatsu massage is a known therapy from the Japanese. By targeting pressure points, it works great against any foot pain. It contains an eye-catching design. The massager has two independent foot chambers with five air pressure settings and two wireless remotes as well. The extra remote is provided just in case you lose one. You can use it even while watching TV or working at any place like your office. 


  • Dual remote control
  • Less noise
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to use
  • Giftable
  • Pain relief


  • Sometimes painful
  • Do not massage arches and heels

Nekteck Foot Massager – Best Shiatsu Massager

It has in total of 6 massage heads and 18 nodes. It wonderfully relaxes your muscles, sets you free from tensions, and it also regulates your blood flow. It reduces foot and muscle pain with its heat function, which is very safe to use. You can switch it on and off manually. It contains an adjustable height where it can be adjusted up to 3 levels.

This is a portable machine and very easy to use. You can turn on the massager just by merely touching the power button. It has a built-in onboard cord setting and carries handles to add some extra comfort while using. It is a perfect use for inside and outside your sweet home. You can bring it to your office and use it while working as well. However, you can put a towel below your feet if it seems very more difficult for you. One more thing, this massager works on 120V electricity only, so remember that before using it. 


  • Remote control
  • Pain relief
  • Easy to use
  • Giftable
  • Comfort
  • Worth the money
  • Relief from planters fasciitis


  • Not long-lasting (According to mass reviews)

RENPHO Foot Massager Machine – Best Multifunctional Massager

This Nurse MD-50230A foot massager is again a Shiatsu product and the last on the list to talk about. This massager has 3 massage modes with in total 5 different keys.

If your feet are tired, then you can expect prompt relief from this tiredness with the help of this massager. It improves your blood circulation like the maximum similar products. Along with that, it removes your tension and creates a door of imaginary heaven where you can feel the best. You can select your desired time as there is an option of auto shutting off. You can select up to 3 times. 10, 15, and 20 are fixed times.

The cover that they provide is removable. You can not only remove the cover but also can wash it for ensuring a clean environment. This product is suitable for oversized people. Do not laugh, and we are talking about the size of their feet, not the whole structure.

The heat function is switchable, and you can start just with a single click. This is indeed a perfect gift. If you want to purchase a unique gift for your nearest ones, then you can go for it as it is not a showpiece at all. It actually works and works excellent in fact.


  • Giftable
  • Comfort
  • Value of money


  • Heat function stops working on many occasions

How to Choose The Best Foot Massager for Diabetics

There are certain things you need to look after before buying a foot massager. There are so many types of foot massagers available in the market, such as Shiatsu kneading and rolling massagers, electric foot vibrating massagers, etc. There are many massage balls in the market. All of them come with different features. Many have similarities too. So it is a must for you to know about the exact product you need. You need to know your purposes for using a massager. You can sit calmly and do further research before buying one. Let us make it easier for you.


Firstly, you need to fix the budget. It will help you to shorten your wish list. There are many foot massagers which cost less than 100 $ whereas some cost over 100$. Sometimes you may find a foot massager which is less than 50$ as well. So fixing the budget is indeed very important.


Then you need to find out the purpose of using it. As a buyer, you will find a foot massager that can be the cause of your complete relaxation. Some foot massagers can offer stress relief and recreation, and many may provide therapeutic benefits. You need to choose your purpose.

There are so many foot massagers that focus mostly on blood circulation. Some diminish sores and inflammations, and some make a way to get rid of pain and aches. Some works for your feet only, while some works for your whole body. So we suggest you choose the best one that fulfills all your targets.


Now let’s talk about the features of the product. Some foot massagers come with versatile heat options. Some may have a lot of massage nodes. Some are good at vibrating and massaging your feet differently. You also need to take a look at the intensity level provided by foot massagers.

Electric massagers offer an infinite number of intensity levels. If you have sharp muscle pain, then you should not use them. These may create confusion in you. But the better thing to remove these confusions is to consult with your doctor. They may find a better feature for you.


Portability is another thing that you need to consider. Where will you need your foot massager? If you need it at home only, then you should go for a less portable one. But if you need to use it anywhere, anytime, even while watching TV or working in your office, then you should try and find the portable one. You need to find out whether it is easy to carry or not. Some provide removable covers, whereas some provide irremovable covers. For keeping the cover clean, it may vary for you. It affects the environment, as well.


Durability should be another concern for a buyer. Customer reviews help a lot in this case.


Lastly, you can check the warranty. Some provide a long-term warranty, and some offer a tight-term warranty. Some provide guarantees, as well. Some products provide you trial use and return any time before the due date. All the things mentioned above should be under your consideration.

Benefits of The Foot Massager for Diabetes

Improving blood circulation is an essential thing for a diabetes patient. Foot massager provides this distinct advantage. It enhances the flow of blood throughout your whole body. Improved blood circulation helps to provide oxygen to the blood cells.

A diabetes patient often wears diabetic shoes. So having a foot massager is beneficial for them to relax their feet. Blood pressure is another issue. A good foot massager controls the blood pressure in a very effective way. To reduce stress and to bring relaxation foot massager has zero alternatives. It helps to lower your blood pressure and keep you healthy.

It focuses on your nerve sensitivity as well. Nerve problems in the legs are typical for a diabetic patient. So to get rid of these nerve problems, foot massagers can be a way to get relief. Besides these, it reduces swollen feet, stress, and depression and also enhances your energy level. For promoting good sleep, a foot massager is beneficial. They can deal with your insomnia.

Injury is a sensitive issue for diabetic patients. Foot massagers help you to get recovered soon from any minor injuries. Apart from these, natural pain relief is another issue. There is another common foot problem, and that is plantar fasciitis. Foot massagers deal with that as well. A patient with diabetes should go for a foot massager. Most of the patients focus on exercise, which is very important. But using the right foot massager, one can stay safe and healthy.

How Does a Foot Massager Help Your Foot?

A foot massager helps your foot in several ways. It soothes your tired feet. It promotes better blood flow to your nerves. After standing for a whole day, your tired feet look for relief and relaxation. Foot massager does that for your feet. They target pressure points and heal promptly.

Besides, it relieves your foot pain and makes the muscle of your feet stronger. If you are a diabetes patient, then a foot massager can remove the soreness of your feet as well. Sometimes you may feel nothing about your legs or feet. At that particular time, your feet may have no feeling. You may get injured, but you won’t be aware of it. A foot massager can help you in that case as well. It keeps your overall health in good shape and offers you a happy end of the day.

What Does Diabetes Foot Pain Feel Like?

Pain is always described better by the pain gainers than anybody else. But still, let us talk about the 10 common symptoms regarding the foot pains of a diabetes patient.

Too much numbness

Sometimes, a patient fails to feel their feet while walking. I get worst when someone loses all feelings. In that case, a patient cannot tell whether their feet are injured or not.

Tingling and burning in the feet.

It is a common pain for a patient with diabetes. It most often accompanies diabetic pain.

Sharp Pain

Such pain can leave a person breathless. It acts like an electrical shock, which is very dangerous. It happens without any prompts.

Pain at night

The diabetic patient sometimes may find it harder to sleep at night. Nerve pain is a pervasive thing at night for them. It creates such a cycle that it is tough to break.

Slow healing

Healing wounds may run slowly which causes a great suffering

Weakness of Muscle

Damaged nerves take time to get healed. In these periods, the muscle gets weaker

Sexual Dysfunction

Men can face sexual dysfunction because of decreased blood flow and reduced signaling through the nerves. On the other hand, women may meet dryness in the vagina and may have a lack of sexual desire.

Urinary Infection

It happens to both men and women. The body may be overwhelmed because of infections.


It becomes very dangerous for someone driving and even when he or she stands up simply.


70000 amputations of the lower limbs yearly in the U.S. are caused by diabetes

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Why Does Diabetic Need a Foot Massager?

Ans: Foot massager works as a sign of relief for patients with diabetes. It provides so many advantages that definitely cannot be ignored. To get rid of stress, a foot massager is a great option. To sleep better at night, in other words, to get rid of insomnia, a foot massager is a great thing.

Almost every foot massager improves blood circulation and keeps the blood pressure under control. A diabetic patient can keep nerve problems away with the help of foot massagers. The sore muscles and make them more reliable than a weaker ones. It focuses on the flow of blood throughout the whole body. It soothes the tired legs in many ways.

2. Is Foot Massager Safe During Pregnancy?

Ans: During pregnancy, a woman mostly remains in depression and a lot of stress. Foot massagers help like a friend to get rid of such stress and distress. But there is still a question about the safety issues. It can be the reason for inducing labor. In the earlier stages of pregnancy, it is better not to use it. The ACOG has already claimed that a foot massage can affect a woman’s pregnancy.

Ans: Sore feet are directly linked with diabetes. It is hard for any diabetic patient to recover after an injury. Foot massagers help the sore feet. It is necessary to remove the soreness of a patient’s feet.


Nowadays, foot problems are one of the significant issues. Taking medicines, consulting doctors may not work that much where using a foot massager can help.

In many research, foot massagers are recommended by doctors. These are being used in most cases. Because of having too many occasions and buying gifts has become so common. Nowadays, it has become almost impossible to find a unique gift for our nearest and dearest one. In that case, we can go for foot massagers. This is a valuable gift to present, which does not work as a showpiece, it works.

Now, you’re set to make your purchase. No more discussion. Pick a suitable one and start your journey. Best of Luck!