Explore 11 Best Back Massager for Knots – Best Reviews

No one can understand the feeling of muscle knots unless you have dealt with this curse. Right? YES. This is very frustrating and painful for leading a normal life. A massage on sore muscles can be a great relief. But you might have a shortage of money or not get enough time to go for a professional massage.

If you have the best back massager for knots, you can easily go for a massage at any place, anywhere. Prove me wrong. Ohh! You can’t. Because you know it very well as you are here. Right?

When you are looking for a great massager for your knots, it can be difficult to find the best solution for your particular pain.

We have worked on many customer reviews to find out the appropriate one for you. It’s not an easy task at all. There are many back massagers available in the market that come in different shapes and sizes with multiple functions.

So, we pulled out top massagers that can provide a professional massage experience without any professional services. You will find the proper solution by reading our reviews and being ready for your next purchase.

Causes of Back Knots and How Can You Get Rid of Them?

The back knot is a kind of pain that may ruin your day. When back knots become your buddy then you have a lot of things to be worried about. It can be your friend in many ways. Too much stress and tension can be a cause of your back knots.

While you are a job holder and you always have to come up with your works done in time can create huge stress and tension in your mind. Besides, injuries, poor posture, and of course prolonged bed rest or sitting in a fixed chair for a long time can also be the reasons for your back knots. That’s why back knots can be found in those office workers who have to seat for a long time.

Maybe you are having a vacation and you have nothing to do except lie in your bed for a long time, taking extra bed rest will lead to becoming a friend of back knots. So to avoid back knots one needs to avoid staying in the same positions for a long time.

Every good and bad thing has a reason to occur. If you have the fear of back knots then you need to maintain your work stresses or personal life-related tensions. You need to maintain a proper diet as well. Foods that ensure vitamins including minerals.

A sedentary lifestyle will surely lead you to have those back knots. You need to remain careful while playing sports or doing your own works with your hands. Because repeatedly doing the same motion can also be a reason for your muscle knots. You need to take steps to reduce all kinds of stress. You should exercise for at least 30 minutes a day.

If you are stuck in your important works you can take a short stretching which will help you to get rid of back knots as well. After all, you will have to be careful and prepared to avoid this serious problem.

Best Back Massager for Knots – Reviews and Buying Guide 2020

Back knots are supposed to be old or middle-aged people’s daily suffering. But it can appear in anyone’s life at any look. To get rid of such back knots, the back massager is a great choice.

The various types of back massagers deal with all your necessities. However, the relation between back knots and back massager is like a relation between the patient and medicines.

It is a good thing to maintain all the regular activities which may help you to stay away from back knots. But when you and your back knots have already become friends, then you have to take the help of back massagers.

Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager

It has 8 Deep-Shiatsu Kneading massage nodes. It relieves upper back tension improves your blood circulation, reduces your neck pain and headache, and lastly, it develops your shoulder mobility. It also eliminates constant fatigue and makes you feel relaxed after a long day of work.

You can use it for your sweet home, office, and also in your car and traveling. In fact, it is a great choice to present as a gift to your loved ones.

It provides both an AC adaptor as well as a car adaptor. You will get a year warranty and Nekteck will provide you the lifetime support. It is quite easy and safe to use. It does a great job of improving your blood circulation. It has an auto shut-off protection and adjustable intensity.

You will get a 3-speed strength level which will help you to get the exact pressure while needed. You will get rid of your muscle pain in a very few time. It has a long hand strap to adjust the position.

It is made of durable and comfortable materials. A high-quality PU leather and breathable mesh fabric are there with it. You will never face any difficulty in using and cleaning. As you are getting shoulder massager, operation instruction, wall adaptor, car adaptor so it can be the best choice of yours.

The wall adaptor has 6 feet long power cord which is enough to use while resting in the house. It also has auto-reverse rotation.


  • 8 deep massage nodes
  • Works fast
  • Develops shoulder mobility
  • Provides additional car adaptors
  • Adjustable intensity
  • 3-speed strength level
  • Durable and comfortable materials


  • As it designed for deep massage, it can be painful sometimes.

Snailax Shiatsu Neck & Back Massager 

It has four new neck massage nodes. Deep tissue massages the shoulder and neck and helps to get relief from the tiredness and muscle tightness. These massage nodes can be adjusted up and down to a particular height that will allow anyone to use this massager.

People who are between 63-70.9 inches in height are perfect to use this massager. The optional heating function easily calms your muscle and also enhance your blood circulation. They will provide you with not only a removable but also a washable cover. The four nodes travel up and down and it relaxes your whole back.

You can go for full-back & also lower or upper back as you have all these three massage zones. You will get a spot massage function which allows you to run the function on some specific areas to provide pinpoint relaxation. Its optional heat function includes gentle warmth in order to soothe muscle pain.

You can control whether you want a softer or stronger massage with the help of the Intensity Control Flap. It ensures ultimate comfort. You can use it anywhere like on a sofa, couch, office chair or dining chair, etc. The provided adaptor is safe to use with both 110-120V & 220-240V. It is a perfect gift for any of your dearest ones. You can present it as a gift to your Mom, Dad, Wife, Husband, and so many others.

The remote control is very convenient. It allows you to customize your massage experience well. It is built in 2 invigorating vibration massage nodes in your seat and provides a relaxing massage for your hips and thighs. 2 levels of intensity are also available.


  • 4 Unique shiatsu massage nodes
  • Advantages of spot massage
  • Adjustable rolling massage
  • Overheating protection
  • Vibration seat massage
  • Convenient Remote Control
  • Detachable and washable cover
  • Versatile usage
  • Can turn the heating process on and off while massaging
  • Easy to use


  • The range of massage is thoracic spine only
  • The neck massage region is very short in length
  • Defective back massage

HoMedics Percussion Action Massager

To create a healthy home environment Homedics is always committed. In order to relax your body or to de-stress your mind or simplify your life, this is a great choice. From 1987 it’s been supplying the customers’ needs. However.

It uses the dual pivoting head as well as an ergonomic handle which helps to provide the needed massage anywhere you want. A drumming motion that moves inward and outward is featured by the massage nodes. You can get a deep tissue massage in your sore tension areas through it.

Now let’s talk about the heated action massager which features an ergonomic rubber grip handle. The areas of your body which are hard to reach can get a DIY massage when its long shaft is enabled. To get a professional massage in your home, this one is a must choice. To reduce your stress, this therapy tool works as a great antibiotic.

Suppose you are having a tough day. You need to remove all your stresses. This tool will help you all along. For sports recovery, this one is again a great choice. It relieves your tight muscles after anyway having a hard workout session. If you want to feel a deep sense of relaxation then you should go for it. You can choose between a firm, gentle and soothing massage.

There are massage nodes named the dark gray massage nodes which can provide softer massages while the light gray nodes work for providing firmer massage. Two pivoting massage heads can deliver 3,100 times every minute. To increase or decrease the speed you will get the speed settings. The soothing heat option helps you to deepen your relaxation.


  • Percussion Massage
  • Dual Heads
  • Speed Control
  • Soothing Heat
  • Custom Attachments
  • Ergonomic Handle


  • Does not rotate while getting a deep massage
  • Does not vibrate
  • Not wireless

Vivreal Handheld Back Massager

If you have sufferings regarding aches, knots, and muscle tension you can get this one. You can switch among six different nodes. If you want to get portable massage therapy, this is the best choice. Anywhere, at your home or office, you can enjoy the massage.

The electric percussion massager can provide different deep tissue massages. Full body massage can remove your stress totally. Any parts of your body like back, foot, arm, muscle, leg etcetera can be massaged through this massager. The massage helps to improve blood circulation.

As we have said earlier, you can enjoy the experience of a deep tissue massage anywhere you want to, it allows you to experience it at your home, car, and office anywhere. The battery backs up 100 minutes which ensures you use it until your pain gets fully recovered. You will get a smart battery display that will allow knowing when to charge. You can also use it while charging.

You can set the speed on your own wish as it provides you with 6 different adjustable speeds. You just need to sit back and press the desired buttons. The motor is very powerful (up to 3200 pulses every minute).

Such a powerful motor helps you to get rid of your stress and extreme pain. It deeply penetrates your tissues and muscles. It also has overheating protection. After using 15 minutes it will be shut off automatically to keep itself safe from staff like overheating.

It is also a great choice if you are searching in Google to find out the best gifts for your dearest ones. You can go for it and present it as a gift to your dearest ones if you love to see their happy faces. It also provides a one-year warranty.

Neck pain and back pain! Get ready to forget about those right after buying this one. If your body feels tight it is there to make it lose. It also helps you to think about an alternative to the SPA.


  • Relieve all kinds of psychical stress
  • An ideal gift
  • 6 body parts to massage
  • SPA at home
  • A relationship booster


  • Not enough power
  • Loose charge cords

Snailax Massage Mat


If you want to get rid of stress, aches, and tensions you have a piece of good news. This massager provides you with 10 massage motors that ensure soothing vibration massage. With 5 massage nodes and 4 selective massaging zones, it also provides 3 intensities to fulfill your needs. For your kind information, this is only a vibration massager, not a kneading massager.

Do not go for it if you have different needs. It has four heating pads that target those four heating zones. The Upper and lower back, thighs, and calves are those four zones. It soothes and loosens tense muscles and helps to improve your blood circulation.

The massage cushion works great in bed, couch anywhere as it is flexible and foldable. For transportation, you can fold it and take it anywhere with you. The cover is made of 100% ultra-push and all other materials have made it comfortable to use.

It has an auto shut-off system. After using 30 minutes, it will automatically shut down to mark safe from overheating. So you will get overheating protection as well. Like the previous one, this is also a great choice for your dearest ones like your mom, dad, wife everyone indeed.

You can get a SPA treatment after coming back from your work. You can use it in your desired areas to massage the right areas. It removes your pain quickly. Shoulder massage, back massage, waist massage, thighs massage, leg massage, you will be able to get all these areas massaged with it. It just takes 3-5 minutes to heat up. They provide a soft material.

An intelligent remote controller makes sure to use it easily. You can enjoy a relaxed massaging in your bed and you can even fall asleep without any tension, as it will shut off automatically after 30 minutes. Sitting on a sofa or anywhere, watching TV at a stretch nothing will be able to create any problem as you can use it while doing these.


  • A quiet product. Sounds less than 60db
  • • Made of 100% ultra-plush soft polyester
  • • Can massage the whole body
  • • Soothing heat function


  • The cover is not washable
  • • You can’t run it whole night after sleeping because of having an auto shut off system

Zyllion Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager

It’s powerful 3 dimension deep-kneading shiatsu massage nodes can make your overused and tight muscles relaxed. It relieves sore muscles with advanced heating functions. It can be turned off and on very easily. It fits perfectly the back of your neck and lower and upper back with the abdomen, calf, and thigh areas. It is ergonomic and the pillows are massagers. As for the last few massagers, this one is also a good thing to gift your dearest ones. Remember one thing, this is not a rechargeable massager.

You need to plug it in while using it. The provided power adaptor works with 110-120V and 220-240V both electric outlets. This one is safe to buy. As it allows you to use 90 days in which you can return it and they will even pay for your return shipping.

But for that, of course, you need to have a reason. Besides, if anything happens with your massager, they will also give you a tested model as a replacement. So this is really safe to buy.

There are some more issues you need to look at. The automatic shut-off system is there as well. If the massager exceeds the working temperature then the device will automatically turn off. Besides, the motor will not operate until the temperature has come down. It is a top-quality textured leatherette and it is durable. It is soft to touch and easy to clean also.

When the heating function soothes aching muscles your blood circulation will be improved. Interestingly it changes directions every minute. The directions get automatically reversed. The straps are adjustable and the massager is made of ultra-slim design.

SO if this massager reaches all your needs then you should go for it. Sometimes public reviews help us to know the lasting capabilities and much other stuff about the product. So to clear your doubts, you can also take a look at others’ reviews.


  • Top Quality Textured Leatherette
  • The heating Function works effortlessly
  • Directions get changed every minute
  • Adjustable Straps
  • Overheat Protection
  • Power Adaptor and DC Car Adaptor


  • Not a rechargeable massager
  • Needs to be plugged into a wall plug

Naipo Shiatsu Neck & Back Massager

If you are looking for a combined massager, you can go for it. This massager has professional neck massage, back massage, soothing heat, and hip vibration massage. You can customize the exact massage settings easily as they provide a handheld controller to meet up your desired relaxation needs. The hip vibration massage can be up to 3 levels. You can adjust 4 neck massage nodes up and down to satisfy yourself.

We mean to use it at a particular height you want to. You can also control the massage direction in the way you want, clockwise or counterclockwise. It ensures a much greater massage experience. For back massage, it has 4 kneading massage nodes that travel up and down. 3 optional massage zones are also there.

They are upper, lower, and full back helps to apply optimal pressure for body relief. If you choose spot massage mode, you can massage the exact areas that need to be massaged. Besides, Shiatsu massage nodes can deliver firm pressure which reaches the deep tissues and easily relieve soreness. It provides 2 years warranty for issues related to quality.

The massage cushion is specially designed for people who are 61-70 inches tall and they can get the needed neck massage. For your own comfort, you can customize the backrest tilting angle. It comes with a removable and washable leather sheet. For your kind information, you can’t use it in your driving seat because you may lose your attention and face an unexpected accident.

But you can use it at home, in the passenger seats of your car and you can even use it in your office. For neck and shoulder massage, back, and waist massage this one is great. In addition, seat vibration is although not useable every time but still, it’s worth using.


  • A nicely designed massage cushion
  • Massage combination
  • Professional neck massage (4 neck massage nodes)
  • Hip vibration massage
  • 4 Kneading back massage nodes
  • Controllable massage directions


  • Can’t install in your driver’s seat

VIKTOR JURGEN Handheld Back Massager

It comes with 3 sets of massage heads which are removable and it is dog designed. It has many massaging options. Areas like the neck, back, legs and foot can be relieved from all kinds of pain using this. The motor is such powerful that it runs up to 3350 pulses every minute.

Multiple personalized speed settings allow you to manage the power and intensity of the massager. These speed features allow you to change the motion and power of the massage. It is very easy to use. Made with a comfortable grip made of rubber which is really easy to use. 71-inch cord and wattage for the product are 20-28W. It enhances your blood circulation and it is built for deep tissue massage.

It is an ideal birthday gift for your loved ones. It is a great thing to gift to your mother on mother’s day. The provided motor is 100% copper. The cord is enough long. So the distance can belong. 3 different massage nodes. They are the Intensive Massage Node, Deep tissue massage node, and Circular massage node. The intensity is adjustable.

You can get your needed massage anywhere at your home and office. It has the effects of a double massage. To get more comfort and relaxation it is really helpful. As you get double massage’s feel. It does not pinch your skin, it just vibrates. You can use it with 110 volts and 240 volts.


  • Easy to use
  • Variable speed
  • Cheap price
  • Long cord
  • Can enjoy yourself with your whole family
  • Deep tissue massage


  • No Heat setting at all
  • Can’t use for cellulite treatment
  • No charger, no batteries. You need to plug it into the wall.
  • Heavy
  • Not too powerful
  • Can’t use it for your knees
  • Too noisy

Snailax Cordless Shiatsu Back Massager

This product is lightweight and portable. It can provide your back a maximum comfort. It fits comfortably anywhere on your chair, couch, car seat, bed train seat, or any place like this. You can carry it anywhere and use it when you feel the necessity. So with the help of it, you can make any chair a massaging chair.

The back massager has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery which provides a portable massage. You will not have to access a wall outlet while using it. This battery needs 2.5 hours to be charged fully and can run for 70 minutes. Any amount of pain can be cured with such backup. While traveling anywhere, you can take it with you.

A long journey may create many pains. As you can carry it while traveling so you will get rid of your pain. An optional heat massage is also there.

The back cushion has 4 rotation massage nodes. The nodes move up and down in order to deliver a deep kneading massage. Turning the optional heater on will provide you with added benefits as relaxation and comfort. You can use it in any area of your body. Doesn’t matter whether you have lower back pain, sore calves or tight thighs, or legs.

This massager will make you feel better. To massage your neck, you can use the cushion as a pillow as well. You can make it a personal back massager in your daily life.


  • Maximum Comfort
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Cordless portable massager
  • Can massage specific areas by selecting a spot function
  • Safe to use while charging
  • Has both car and home adaptor


  • No straps
  • Battery can’t be replaced

Resteck Massagers for Neck and Back

It saves you precious time and reduces pain immediately. It can minimize acute pains. Besides, ease neck stiffness and soothe aching muscles. It is portable in nature. Though it is wireless that won’t be any reason for your bothering. It improves your blood circulation.

You can get relaxation and your important message on the go as well. Because it is great for use while traveling, road trips, camping, and even car use. You can carry it anywhere without any hassle as it comes with a nice leather pouch. It eliminates constant fatigue and easily improves your blood circulation.

In order to assure your facilitated use, it has 4 buttons. Depending on your needs, you can achieve the best massage by regulating the heat. You just need to select the right stimulation button and sit somewhere to get the relaxation.

You will get endless comfort and deserved pleasure with the help of its bi-directional kneading nodes. You can massage the whole body with it. The needed part or the exact place you need to be massaged can be done with it. So stop waiting for something more, you can go for it unless you have any other requirements.

It will satisfy you with its lifetime warranty. So you will have nothing to worry about from the moment you buy this one. It’s an ergonomic design with an auto shut-off system that will please you and ensure your safety.

It is actually durable and well made. High-quality leather craftsmanship ensures that. You can call it one of the best massagers as the customers have already given uncountable good reviews about it. So don’t waste your time if you are looking for a good massager.


  • Durable
  • Multi-functional
  • Car adaptor
  • Easy to use
  • Has a reverse mode


  • Rough fabric

Medcursor Neck and Back Massager

From neck to back, waist area, and also your legs, you can select any place to massage with this massager. To minimize your muscle pain and to improve your blood circulation you will get an innovative heat function. You can control the deep kneading massage rollers clockwise or anticlockwise rotating mode.

You can manage the speed up to 3 levels. Light, medium, and fast. It is lightweight and portable. Built with an ergonomic design. You will not face any problem reaching out to the areas like the back and shoulder. It is good for everyone. Its handle is slip and that helps to operate smoothly and take control over the pressure of the massager.

It is safe to use as well as it is constructed with overheat resistance capacity.

Besides, it has an auto shut-off system. You can carry it anywhere with you. You will be able to use it anywhere like your home, car, and office. It has 8 massage rollers that help to relieve stress, tension, and common muscle pains. Chronic pain, muscle pain everything can be cured through it.


  • Can easily target and focus on tough reaching areas
  • 3 modes of speed
  • 2 modes of direction
  • 8 impressive massage rollers


  •  Not cordless
  • Not rechargeable
  • When the massager stops then the DC power connection will also be lost.

Important Features to Look for in The Best Back Massagers

The bump-like knots may be very painful to touch. These back knots can be caused by tension, stress and poor posture. And also maybe for a long sitting without any stretching.

In order to buy the right product, you need to go through some researches. There are lots of back massagers. It is natural to feel confused about which one you should buy. So it is very important to collect the right information from your searched sites and we are here to provide you with the right information. Firstly, we all should keep in mind some particular topics. Some features that we should look at our massager. Let us bring all of them in front of your eyes.

 Shape : The first thing you need to look at is “Shape”. Why this is important? Suppose, you have serious pain in your back. You bought a U-shaped back massager. But it is not reaching those particular painful areas.

So, it is clear to you all why you should think about the shape of your massager before buying. By the regular source of your pain, you should go for the right shaped one. Because you need to make sure about the source of your pain.

 Size:  you should check out the size of your massager. Is your massager too large to be portable? Can it cover the area you need to be massaged! So size is important. Don’t buy any sized massager and regret it later.

 Type:  you can check whether it is electric or non-electric. Suppose you need to use your massager while moving. Then, of course, an electric massager will not be able to fulfill your wish. You need to go for a non-electric massager to ensure using it anywhere you need.

But if you need it at your home or other areas where you will get electricity then you don’t need to go for the non-electric one. You can choose the electric massager then.

  Percussion : What is the percussion? It is a style of massage and according to the users, this is something like thundering on your back. So it is perfect if you want a deep tissue massage.

 Nodes:  the number of massage nodes is also important. Perhaps you are looking for a deep and intense massage. So it may be important for you to know the number of massage nodes. Some have 4, some have 8, and many other numbers you will find.

 Shiatsu : which is a Japanese massage technique. So if you have any interest regarding the specific features of any shiatsu massager, then you can go for it. So it is also important to know.

We have so many other issues to discuss. Let’s discuss them in short:

Kneading – Kneading function is important if you find out the benefits of it.

 Wand  – To get hand-held control then you can go for a wand massager.

 Vibration  – For some added benefits you may have an interest in those massagers which have hip vibration and so many others.

 Heat  – Heat can offer comfort and remove your pain. Nowadays many doctors also go for this treatment. So, it may be important for you.

 Timer  – You know your pain better than anyone else. So having a massager with a timer may help you to set the massaging time.

 Auto Shut Down  – To get protection from overheating, auto shut down is very important. You may feel sleepy with the massage. What happens after you’re getting asleep! Auto shut down might be important to you for such reasons.

 Intensity Settings  – Some devices do not have more than one setting. So know your massager before buying.

 Speed Settings  – To adjust the speed you need to have a good speed setting.

 Rechargeable or not  – Find out which one do you need.

 Portable or not  – Same as the previous point.

 Necessity Attachments  – Some massager has unique attachments like even face. Know them before buying Memory – Memory helps you to find out the exact speed setting you need, as you have used earlier.

Benefits of Back Massagers

There are uncountable benefits of using a back massager. In order to get your ass out from the back pain, you need a back massager. The back massager can easily reduce your back pain without any delay. You have worked so hard and you are not being able to sleep because of your back pain.

The back massager is very helpful for your necessities. It can remove stress as well. It offers improved sleep. Besides, it also improves your blood circulation. It provides you a great relaxation. It supplies oxygen and nutrients to your muscle cells. Moreover, it is a successful treatment for your anxiety as well.

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Final Impression

You can deal with your back knots by getting a good massager and working with it routinely. Trust me, these devices will not only improve your health but will also ensure safety in the future.

Hopefully, you are one step away to purchase the best one for your needs. You need to focus on your problem areas, go with your preferences and reveal your budget that should be easier to pick your back massager.

We made a huge brainstorm and worked hard to make a list of the best back massagers for knots considering their positives and concerns. We wish you a stroke of good luck finding a massager that suits you best without any hassle.